Oh! The here she is Edit. ï»¿

Oh hi 👋🏼 I’m back! 

Soz about the 7 month break I was busy muming, drinking coffee &  doing a gazillion Joe Wicks’ hiits to try and get rid of the mum gunt (I’ll save that for another post 😳) 

Slowly but surely getting into the swing of this Mum thing and then BAM something else happens and you’re like 🤔 did I miss “a how to Mum course?!” because I am not equipt to deal with this…..

Let me catch you up real real quick. Ada Evs is nearly 9 months old … can you even believe that?! She now does not sit still, AT ALL! She’s on the move for a full 13 hours a day 😳 Wants to grab everything and move everywhere she’s army crawling, eating everything ( I mean everything…. she’s currently gnawin’ on the coffee table) she’s got a toothypeg and her favourite word & person is MAMA! (no bigs 💁🏼)

Let me catch you up on me real quick. Well hastag mumlife is 100% the funnest & hardest job in the world. Not gonna lie some days I’ve absolutely got it nailed (like painting my nails whilst she’s asleep on me nailed… omg did I just pun?!) Then others I need my Mum and want to hide in the garage. 😅😰 *Disclaimer* this totes happened i drank a glass of rose hiding in the garage, you know for a little break 😂

Best thing about Mummyhood – pretty much everything! Not being too cliché BUT Ada laughing is legit the most amazing sound ever! 
Worst thing about Mummyhood – This teething lark. Not a fan! It makes for a tough long day! 

Anywho I’m going to get back to this blog every week, I’ll catch you up on the weekly dramas of me and the milestones of Ada. 

Thanks for reading.

peace xx


7 week itch Edit! 

Well this week has been a dream. My little poppet is really starting to show her character & we’ve started having a bit more play time (which is soooo lush, however hoovering has proved a little harder) I love that she smiles at us now &  I swear she’s super smart because this morning we were playing “where’s your nose” and she totally touched it! CLEVERCLOGS! 

It was the first proper full week on my own too & I only had one mini melt down In which I  called Jamie a lazy pr*ck because he wouldn’t walk and bounce her when she was a bit grizzly 😂 so all in all I think that was a success! Oh & I lost a front door key so I cried! 

To celebrate the full week we had a DATE NIGHT and it was ace! 4.5 hours of non baby time. Drinks followed by the pictures. LaLa land & it was ace! Just enough talking time with Jamie and then 2 hours of non interrupted SILENT film time &&&& then Jamie did the midnight feed! Basically the best night ever. Although, I totally felt like a Mum last night on our way home (at 11.20 pm) we saw loads of younguns going out with next to nothing on! && then I thought will I ever ever not feel tired that I will want to go out in the middle of the night again! 

Anyway weekly updates; 

Ada – 

She’s the dream. She eats like a sumo and burps like a drunk! So can’t complain there. 

She’s been a bit fussy with sleep, I tried the dream feed thing this week and basically it’s completely messed her up. It didn’t work, she drank an entire extra bottle & woke up on the hour every hour 😳 so we’re going back to basics and just going to let her decide when she’s ready to sleep through the night! (Hopefully she decides that’s tonight)


I do feel a little isolated sometimes. It’s quite hard, you almost feel like you’re stuck on REPEAT! Eat, sleep, feed your baby, change the nappy, walk, Hoover, repeat! Then when Jamie gets home I talk like 50 thousand words a second! The hardest bit is Ada is super grizzly in the eve from like 6-9 so I basically talk to Jamie for 20 mins a day 😂😂 However, Ada and I are signing up to Yoga, sensory and massage this week so that’s gonna be ace & it’ll be good to get round some more Mummy’s! 

Although, the main thing to report is weight loss. I’m trying my hardest to lose weight, I’ve lost 2 stone 7 lbs so far & I have 15 more to lose 😰 I put on soooo much! It’s so much less fun to lose it 🙄

Exercise starts again tomorrow though, I’m nervous! BUT I’m soooooo looking forward to an entire hour of me time! I think I’ll feel like me again too! Urghhhh I hate baby weight (aka. Excess biscuit weight!) btw I’ve just eaten some white chocolate buttons whilst typing this and 4 bourbons. 😫😫😫😫 Maybe I’m doomed to be this size forever! 

Thanks for reading. 

peace x

I’m Flying solo Edit. 

First week of solo parenting DONE! 
It hasn’t been half as bad as I thought, I genuinely had visions I’d be covered in puke, the dog would be weeing everywhere, Ada would be screaming non stop & I’d be crying locked in the bathroom (that was a flashback to week 2 😰)  But thankfully it’s been the opposite of that! The main thing I’m struggling with is lack of sleep! Not even lack of it, broken sleep! It’s a killer!! Stupidly I’ve offered to do bedtime and middle of night feeds whilst Jamie is at work. It’s sooooo tiring! However, this weekend I got to sleep straight through… hell yeaaaaaaaaaa  ðŸ™ŒðŸ» 

Anyway onto the weekly updates; 

Ada – Absolute babe. She’s had a few tummy probs aka Not pooping! However, that seems to have solved itself now thank goodness. Now if you catch a nappy mid poop it genuinely squirts out like one of those sausage making machine things… it’s gross. For such a beauty she is genuinely so full of crap!! 

Food time was also proving a bit upsetting for both of us, she’s bottle (tried the boob, not for me) and basically she was eating so quick, getting horrendous wind and then screaming. We’ve swapped the teets over and they are slow flow but seem to be a lot better for her. Also, infacol. All hail Infacol! 

Me – I’m a FAT beast with a horrid section scar and this gross pouch of skin flapping above it! It’s disgusting. Oh and also I’m soooooo spotty, Jamie has just been talking to my cheek spot all week! Which is nice 🙄 

I’ve tried to eat well this week. But when you’re flying solo it’s incredibly easy to skip lunch and just eat leftover Quality Street. I have now cleared the house of Christmas goodies (chucked in the outside bin, so even if times get hard I can’t get them out because it’s too deep and I can’t reach them) I’ve also tried to exercise, gentle yoga and walking everywhere! So weekly weigh in tomorrow will be interesting. I get the all clear tomorrow too so I can drive and get back to the gym! Hell yea!!!!! I’ll keep you posted with progress. I’m hoping to post one of those amaze Insta pics of my before and after come April when I look like a Victoria Secret model (Although, I’m about to eat a chocolate melt pot) soooo….may just be one of those other Insta before & after pics when people are like “it’s exactly the same, she’s just tanned!” 

Thanks for reading. 

peace xx