The Weaning EditΒ 

Happy Sunday! 

..let’s talk about weaning. So I don’t know if it’s just me but when it came to Ada starting to eat I literally had no idea at all what I was doing. I felt like you had loads of info and help from Health visitors and midwifes about Formulas and Breast feeding at the beginning, but then….

 *insert tumbleweed* 

Literally nothing. 
So the next logical step was to google. Did that and found Annabel Karmel * ahhhh all hail queen Karmel πŸ™ŒπŸ» * aka the Queen of Wean! 

So read her book, well that was confusing in itself, you’ve got babyled weaning,  spoon fed weaning, spoonfed and babyled combo weaning. WTF?!                                                
Then I went to the HV to get Ada weighed and she told me to just feed her what I ate?! WHAT! She can’t eat Belvitas & Diet Coke, so that confused me more. 
OMG but wait before any food even enters their mouth you have to buy the bloody Highchair. The hours I spent reviewing these was a joke! We wanted the Stokke Tripp Trapp but you literallly need a second mortgage to buy one of these with all the accessories, sooooo went with the Β£15 IKEA one & let me just say what a bloody amaze buy that was! It’s perfect, wipe clean, she’s super comfy and it fits perfectly under the dining table πŸ™ŒπŸ» anyway back to the food…

Luckily, I have a lot of friends who have already done the weaning bit, so I basically just did what they did πŸ˜‚ 
I’m technically speaking ‘spoon fed weaning’ why? Because I don’t like mess πŸ˜‚ also Ziggy (the dog) was getting the majority of the food! 
I thought pre Ada I was going to be like the film Baby Boom and start making homegrown, organic purΓ©e that I put into pots I’ve kilned & glazed myself all the while I’m burning sage & wearing a hemp sack! BUT I went for Ella’s pouches! Couldn’t be bov’ed to be honest. I tried to make her something once and she literally heaved so I won’t subject her to it again πŸ˜‚

But I digress my point is, I felt very alone and bloody terrified when Ada started eating. It’s like a minefield, I mean the help is there if you need it but I felt a bit silly. Like, ummmm Soz I totally don’t get it? What’s she supposed to eat πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ help me! Also, I swear Jamie (the huz) actually thought I had actually attended a secret parent course about how to do all this shit because he totes just assumed I had it on lockdown! 
Luckily Ada literally eats everything (except peas, she’s not a fan of them) oh & we’re bringing her up Pescatarian (πŸ™„ of course we are πŸ˜‚) so that’s brought up new challenges as we have to make sure she’s getting what she needs nutrient wise. 😳 I mean it’s tough #mumlife is tough! 
Then there’s all the treats… let’s talk Rusks. You’ve got a handful of people that are like “yeap no bigs, i mean they have loads of sugar but we had them and we’re a ok” then you have the other camp “Rusks are POISON, do not feed your child poison, they’ll choke, catch a rusk disease and their arm will fall off” 

I went with let’s give her a little rusk to see if she likes them, obvs she does because they’re delicious! πŸ˜‚

Looking back when I first started the weaning process I was terrified & somehow don’t ask me how but you just know what to do next. Ask friends, google and follow a book if it helps! I just somehow stopped stressing so much and now BIG BRUCE will eat anything. It totes doesn’t matter if you buy your food ready made or purΓ©e your own. Makes zero difference really, come 4 years they’ll all be stuffing party rings into their faces at parties & eating stuff off the floor anyway πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Thanks for reading

Next week – The Mum Gunt Edit 😳

peace xx 


Oh! The here she is Edit. ο»Ώ

Oh hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I’m back! 

Soz about the 7 month break I was busy muming, drinking coffee &  doing a gazillion Joe Wicks’ hiits to try and get rid of the mum gunt (I’ll save that for another post 😳) 

Slowly but surely getting into the swing of this Mum thing and then BAM something else happens and you’re like πŸ€” did I miss “a how to Mum course?!” because I am not equipt to deal with this…..

Let me catch you up real real quick. Ada Evs is nearly 9 months old … can you even believe that?! She now does not sit still, AT ALL! She’s on the move for a full 13 hours a day 😳 Wants to grab everything and move everywhere she’s army crawling, eating everything ( I mean everything…. she’s currently gnawin’ on the coffee table) she’s got a toothypeg and her favourite word & person is MAMA! (no bigs πŸ’πŸΌ)

Let me catch you up on me real quick. Well hastag mumlife is 100% the funnest & hardest job in the world. Not gonna lie some days I’ve absolutely got it nailed (like painting my nails whilst she’s asleep on me nailed… omg did I just pun?!) Then others I need my Mum and want to hide in the garage. πŸ˜…πŸ˜° *Disclaimer* this totes happened i drank a glass of rose hiding in the garage, you know for a little break πŸ˜‚

Best thing about Mummyhood – pretty much everything! Not being too clichΓ© BUT Ada laughing is legit the most amazing sound ever! 
Worst thing about Mummyhood – This teething lark. Not a fan! It makes for a tough long day! 

Anywho I’m going to get back to this blog every week, I’ll catch you up on the weekly dramas of me and the milestones of Ada. 

Thanks for reading.

peace xx

I’m Flying solo Edit.Β 

First week of solo parenting DONE! 
It hasn’t been half as bad as I thought, I genuinely had visions I’d be covered in puke, the dog would be weeing everywhere, Ada would be screaming non stop & I’d be crying locked in the bathroom (that was a flashback to week 2 😰)  But thankfully it’s been the opposite of that! The main thing I’m struggling with is lack of sleep! Not even lack of it, broken sleep! It’s a killer!! Stupidly I’ve offered to do bedtime and middle of night feeds whilst Jamie is at work. It’s sooooo tiring! However, this weekend I got to sleep straight through… hell yeaaaaaaaaaa  πŸ™ŒπŸ» 

Anyway onto the weekly updates; 

Ada – Absolute babe. She’s had a few tummy probs aka Not pooping! However, that seems to have solved itself now thank goodness. Now if you catch a nappy mid poop it genuinely squirts out like one of those sausage making machine things… it’s gross. For such a beauty she is genuinely so full of crap!! 

Food time was also proving a bit upsetting for both of us, she’s bottle (tried the boob, not for me) and basically she was eating so quick, getting horrendous wind and then screaming. We’ve swapped the teets over and they are slow flow but seem to be a lot better for her. Also, infacol. All hail Infacol! 

Me – I’m a FAT beast with a horrid section scar and this gross pouch of skin flapping above it! It’s disgusting. Oh and also I’m soooooo spotty, Jamie has just been talking to my cheek spot all week! Which is nice πŸ™„ 

I’ve tried to eat well this week. But when you’re flying solo it’s incredibly easy to skip lunch and just eat leftover Quality Street. I have now cleared the house of Christmas goodies (chucked in the outside bin, so even if times get hard I can’t get them out because it’s too deep and I can’t reach them) I’ve also tried to exercise, gentle yoga and walking everywhere! So weekly weigh in tomorrow will be interesting. I get the all clear tomorrow too so I can drive and get back to the gym! Hell yea!!!!! I’ll keep you posted with progress. I’m hoping to post one of those amaze Insta pics of my before and after come April when I look like a Victoria Secret model (Although, I’m about to eat a chocolate melt pot) soooo….may just be one of those other Insta before & after pics when people are like “it’s exactly the same, she’s just tanned!” 

Thanks for reading. 

peace xx

Mat Leave Edit.

So the time has come and I’m finally on MAT leave. Let me tell you its the most surreal feeling ever, I feel a little in limbo & a little lazy. I think you’ve been so programmed to working or having things to do it’s just very, very strange. I literally counted down hours until this time at the end, but it’s odd. You’re on your own, you know your life is about to change and you have absolutely no idea how and yet all you can think is…. “shit I really need to clean the light bulbs in the spare room?!” πŸ˜‚
I have cleaned all the windows inside and out, bleached my bloody front door, gutted the kitchen, bathrooms and every possible drawer of clutter, skirtings, light fitting & made a Christmas cake…. it’s been 6 days! Oh I’ve also had a manicure and got my brows done! Wtf am I supposed to do for the next possible 4 weeks?!

Everyone I speak to (especially my Mum) keeps telling me to rest and enjoy the laziness well you still can. Nap and watch TV, but you can’t just do that everyday I’m constantly so anxious, like “oh was that a contraction” or “has she moved today?!” 

Not only that but my waistline will not allow for another 4 weeks of sitting and binging on Scandal – Ive never had an appetite quite like it. πŸ™Š I’m eating quicker and more than Jamie at the moment & that’s no easy task πŸ˜‚

I’ve recently taken back to yoga – just super easy moves and a tiny bit of meditation, apparently you can breathe yourself into labour. πŸ€” Don’t worry I’m not going to start wearing clothes made of wheat and only eat things that have fallen from trees! But, I will try anything to make the next few weeks as bareable as possible! 

Anyway weekly catch up; 

Symptoms – Insommnia 😴 Averaging 4 hours a night & 58 pillows. I think Jamie may end up sleeping on an air bed soon. 😬

Also, aches and pains everywhere. Like I’ve done a super hard workout but I haven’t – I think it’s just the sheer weight of me now me legs have just given up. 

Bambino – Now I think she’s dropped. Last midwife I was measuring smaller than my weeks because she said her head was in my pelvis. Her movements are still there just a lot bigger I guess because she’s a fully grown baby that should just come now so we can meet her & stop taking up valuable room for her Mum! πŸ˜…

New Purchases – Ummmmmm…. people who know me know I’m a little bit of a shopaholic! So for me, I’ve purchased some new “I need these over the knee, flat boots to jazz up my post preggo wardrobe” & a “this coat will see me through the winter jamie, it can be oversized in the new year purchase” 

For babe – no new Purchases. We do need to get a monitor, sleep pod thing and of that pre made bottle ideal temp thingy OH & a baby bath seat! 

Weight – Ok , truth time. I’ve piled it on. I was sitting at a good 2 stone 2lbs up. Now I’m like entering Kardash town… oh gawd. I have bulked up – total weight gain 2 stone 8lbs. 😰it’s alright tho, I have gym trousers and tops on my Xmas list! 

Things I’m missing – Sleep & the normal thought process of a human without thinking “that was defo a contraction- this is it…..” or “I hope I don’t die in childbirth” 

that’s it from me…. peace x

The Nursery Edit cont.Β 

Ummmm sooo hands up if you weren’t as productive as you planned this weekend πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ (my bad!) 

I honestly wanted to get the nursery finished this weekend, but that wasn’t life’s plan! πŸ˜‚ Life did however decide that I needed to order 3 new dresses and a swimming costume instead. It would seem that every single one of our lovely friends has decided either to get married, have a christening, engagement party or birthday (it’s mine, but whatevs) all when I’m pregnant and the size of a small bungalow! Soooo I needed to shop as I didn’t wanna duplicate the same tent (I mean dress) at any said events!

But not to be discouraged on the nursery we have decided on all of the above which will all be on order before the week is out!! So fingers crossed I can update you all with the finished room soon!

Now for the weekly preggo updates;

Symptoms: My gums legit bleed all the time, which is mega annoying as my grilled cheese sandwich tasted a bit like blood today (so that was gross) & I’m knackered all the time …still πŸ™„

Weight: …..moving on. 19lbs up! BUT I have been to the gym twice since Friday so it’s probably muscle… It’s absolutely defo NOT the brownie, bag of munchies, pizza and sausage roll I have consumed in the past 2 days! 

Bambino: She’s moving LOADS. We played a game yesterday where we played her different music to see which one she kicked the most too. Thankfully, Jamie’s weird shit didn’t win hands down, I couldn’t cope if she loved The National I’d have to move out. Scarily she didn’t react well to Jason Derulo either. 😳 

New Purchases: Nothing for bubs. But lots for me! 😊 ASOS πŸ™πŸΌ

What I’m missing: B O U R S I N!!!! 

That’s all from me, I’ll update you midweek as I’m having my first preggo spa as a birthday treat! 

peace x

The Cake Edit

OK so i’m currently 25 weeks in and i’ve finally got the hang of this blog thing. Well i say that i’ve already accidentally deleted 2 posts & had to write them again. So hopefully more regular posts will follow.

I just wanted to update you of my current addiction that is CAKE! I legit can’t get enough, not even fussed on flavour just as long as there is buttercream…then I’m in! I cannot stop myself. Cake & Stranger Things on Netflix, currently having a lovely time eating my second slice of coffee cake and 3 eps deep into Stranger today!

Symptoms: Im just very tired, everything is just that little bit harder. Aside from that i’ve still been quite lucky! Oh I lie… I have had the buttons (wind) i haven’t meant to but apparently the huzz says i’m doing it a lot in my sleep! Which is totes CRINGEY!

Weight: I’m currently sitting at a heafty 17lbs up! I have read that from week 25 you tend to put on a 1lb a week too…which will mean i’ll weigh like 30 lbs more than i did at the start! I swear mine is all BOOB and arm though?! I have been trying to exercise daily, taking the dog out and doing some squats but what with the aforementioned Cake addiction its not really balancing out!

Bambino: She’s now having an absolute PARTAY in there. I can really feel her turning now, which is lush! BUT also really odd and makes me feel a little sick!
She also now moves everytime the huzz talks to the bump which i think is really clever! (I imagine shes super smart already!)

New Purchases: We have just brought the nursery furniture which gets delivered this week, so I will post a pic when its all sorted! Thats if we ever find any bedding we can agree on! The closest we have come is to a set from John Lewis but even then we’re not too sure.
I have also brought a few little sleepsuits for her & i think we will order the moses basket this week (we’re thinking of the Woolnest, so if anyone else has this i’d appreciate your thoughts)
I also did a bit of a Topshop Mat haul, which was tres exciting. Mainly because I can stop wearing leggings & the Huzz’s jumpers! ASOS is getting it this week!

What I’m missing: Things i have been missing of late are…WINE, being able to paint my toenails (the huzz’s job now) & the inability to stay awake past 9!

Thanks for reading…hopefully now I have the hang of this i will post a little more regularly!

Oh one more thing only 48 more working days till MAT leave (not that i’m counting!)


peace x







Hi guys!

The 1st blog post is up…eeeks! As you can see in my bio I have started this blog as a bit of a release to be honest.
I am extremely excited and overjoyed to be pregnant….BUT i also wanted to voice how bloody hard it is.

I have googled a few pregnancy bloggers & the majority talk about health foods, practising yoga & connecting with their bumps. Me on the otherhand…I’m addicted to Carbs (especially pancakes) I have pregnancy rage and extreme jealously over anyone who can eat soft cheese, drink & sleep on their backs!!

I’m petrified you read so many scary forums when your pregnant..’is this normal?’ the answer is normally NO and that something will be seriously wrong and your head is going to fall off!!
I genuinely thought the getting pregnant part was the hard bit (but that’s for another post) but jheeze I was not prepared for how every single thing that happens makes you worried sick!!! It’s a constant cycle of googling, being relieved, then googling, being scared and then ringing my Mum..ha!

I literally CANNOT WAIT to this little bundle is here! I am currently 18.5 weeks and I’m so desperate to know whether it’s a boy or a girl so i can start SHOPPING!!!
I’m hoping as soon as i find out what I’m having, a bond will be made. At the moment i just feel bloaty , tired and that a strange being is taking all my goodness.

I’m currently 10lbs up & 2 bra sizes bigger BUT on a plus my hair is getting shiny & I’m enjoying the floaty tops!!
I have just started exercising again because my energy is slowly but surely coming back…however, every time iΒ bend over i feel dizzy and get a nose bleed!! (insert rolling eyes emoji)

Thanks for reading guys – I will post again soon with another ‘bumpdate’

peace x