7 week itch Edit!Β 

Well this week has been a dream. My little poppet is really starting to show her character & we’ve started having a bit more play time (which is soooo lush, however hoovering has proved a little harder) I love that she smiles at us now &  I swear she’s super smart because this morning we were playing “where’s your nose” and she totally touched it! CLEVERCLOGS! 

It was the first proper full week on my own too & I only had one mini melt down In which I  called Jamie a lazy pr*ck because he wouldn’t walk and bounce her when she was a bit grizzly πŸ˜‚ so all in all I think that was a success! Oh & I lost a front door key so I cried! 

To celebrate the full week we had a DATE NIGHT and it was ace! 4.5 hours of non baby time. Drinks followed by the pictures. LaLa land & it was ace! Just enough talking time with Jamie and then 2 hours of non interrupted SILENT film time &&&& then Jamie did the midnight feed! Basically the best night ever. Although, I totally felt like a Mum last night on our way home (at 11.20 pm) we saw loads of younguns going out with next to nothing on! && then I thought will I ever ever not feel tired that I will want to go out in the middle of the night again! 

Anyway weekly updates; 

Ada – 

She’s the dream. She eats like a sumo and burps like a drunk! So can’t complain there. 

She’s been a bit fussy with sleep, I tried the dream feed thing this week and basically it’s completely messed her up. It didn’t work, she drank an entire extra bottle & woke up on the hour every hour 😳 so we’re going back to basics and just going to let her decide when she’s ready to sleep through the night! (Hopefully she decides that’s tonight)


I do feel a little isolated sometimes. It’s quite hard, you almost feel like you’re stuck on REPEAT! Eat, sleep, feed your baby, change the nappy, walk, Hoover, repeat! Then when Jamie gets home I talk like 50 thousand words a second! The hardest bit is Ada is super grizzly in the eve from like 6-9 so I basically talk to Jamie for 20 mins a day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ However, Ada and I are signing up to Yoga, sensory and massage this week so that’s gonna be ace & it’ll be good to get round some more Mummy’s! 

Although, the main thing to report is weight loss. I’m trying my hardest to lose weight, I’ve lost 2 stone 7 lbs so far & I have 15 more to lose 😰 I put on soooo much! It’s so much less fun to lose it πŸ™„

Exercise starts again tomorrow though, I’m nervous! BUT I’m soooooo looking forward to an entire hour of me time! I think I’ll feel like me again too! Urghhhh I hate baby weight (aka. Excess biscuit weight!) btw I’ve just eaten some white chocolate buttons whilst typing this and 4 bourbons. 😫😫😫😫 Maybe I’m doomed to be this size forever! 

Thanks for reading. 

peace x


I’m Flying solo Edit.Β 

First week of solo parenting DONE! 
It hasn’t been half as bad as I thought, I genuinely had visions I’d be covered in puke, the dog would be weeing everywhere, Ada would be screaming non stop & I’d be crying locked in the bathroom (that was a flashback to week 2 😰)  But thankfully it’s been the opposite of that! The main thing I’m struggling with is lack of sleep! Not even lack of it, broken sleep! It’s a killer!! Stupidly I’ve offered to do bedtime and middle of night feeds whilst Jamie is at work. It’s sooooo tiring! However, this weekend I got to sleep straight through… hell yeaaaaaaaaaa  πŸ™ŒπŸ» 

Anyway onto the weekly updates; 

Ada – Absolute babe. She’s had a few tummy probs aka Not pooping! However, that seems to have solved itself now thank goodness. Now if you catch a nappy mid poop it genuinely squirts out like one of those sausage making machine things… it’s gross. For such a beauty she is genuinely so full of crap!! 

Food time was also proving a bit upsetting for both of us, she’s bottle (tried the boob, not for me) and basically she was eating so quick, getting horrendous wind and then screaming. We’ve swapped the teets over and they are slow flow but seem to be a lot better for her. Also, infacol. All hail Infacol! 

Me – I’m a FAT beast with a horrid section scar and this gross pouch of skin flapping above it! It’s disgusting. Oh and also I’m soooooo spotty, Jamie has just been talking to my cheek spot all week! Which is nice πŸ™„ 

I’ve tried to eat well this week. But when you’re flying solo it’s incredibly easy to skip lunch and just eat leftover Quality Street. I have now cleared the house of Christmas goodies (chucked in the outside bin, so even if times get hard I can’t get them out because it’s too deep and I can’t reach them) I’ve also tried to exercise, gentle yoga and walking everywhere! So weekly weigh in tomorrow will be interesting. I get the all clear tomorrow too so I can drive and get back to the gym! Hell yea!!!!! I’ll keep you posted with progress. I’m hoping to post one of those amaze Insta pics of my before and after come April when I look like a Victoria Secret model (Although, I’m about to eat a chocolate melt pot) soooo….may just be one of those other Insta before & after pics when people are like “it’s exactly the same, she’s just tanned!” 

Thanks for reading. 

peace xx

The real deal Edit.Β 

Wowzers… what a 5 weeks this has been. I’ve never known time to go quite so fast, I literally feel like we were in hospital like yesterday & already our little poppet rocket is 5 weeks old and 2lbs up (little chubster ❀️) 

Sleep has become a distant memory and the constant threat of a screaming sesh is the current reality. I don’t think anything at all could have prepared me (I don’t want to speak for Jamie) for what This felt like. It’s so hard to explain, from the minute you find out you’re pregnant you are living in fear… well…..When they arrive double that fear and then triple it…. Is that cry normal, why hasn’t she cried, she’s been asleep for ages, should we wake her up?! You get the drift! I now understand why my parents love me so much πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š

I don’t want to go into too much gory detail but basically the birth was savage! Being induced is basically a form of torture because you go through hell and then have to have a C Section anyway… lols on you! πŸ™„ urghhhh…All I will say is being induced sounds like a dream but it’s hard and a very lengthy process. I was in labour all in all for 16 hours, 16 hours of gas and air, waters being broken, an epidural and pain like no other & then after all that we hear “her heartbeat is dipping and she’s in distress so we need to decide what to do” to which we both shouted “GET HER OUT!!!!!!” After a very quick turnaround we’re in the operating theatre I’m shaking uncontrollably, as in my whole body won’t stop, Jamie is in tears (in fact we both were) it’s TERRIFYING! But then after a few uncomfy tugs and the ripping of skin 😷 I heard it! THE BEST noise I had ever heard… baby Ada having a little cry. (That same cry now frightens me πŸ˜‚) All 6lb 13 of her, she was a hairy little thing and covered in gross white stuff but I could tell she was a Babe straight away. πŸ˜‚ 

The next few hours were such a blur of cuddles, tears and unbelievable happiness. It’s truly amazing and since then not an actual minute has gone by where I haven’t felt so thankful for our little bundle. Well there was maybe 10 mins one Thursday where I wanted to leave her in the garage because she wouldn’t stop screaming but besides from that we’ve been all good.

Recovery from a Section however is nothing to joke about! It’s AWFUL you feel so rubbish, you have a catheter attached to you, you can’t stand up, you have to have a gross bed bath , you feel mingdog and don’t you dare try to cough or sneeze because you’ll basically feel like you’ve been stabbed and your insides are going to fall out! NO JOKE! Listen to this, the second night after she’s born Jamie had to go home. I couldn’t really stand and was walking doubled over HOWEVER! You are legit just left to fend for yourself with your baby. I have NEVER felt more scared and alone in my life. Ada and I were just in this hospital room on our own for the first time ever and I had no idea what to do. I fed her, she was sick it back up, I changed her, I cuddled her, I walked with her, I stayed up with her legit Allllll night & then when she finally settled (about 5 am) I went to get some water and what do I see!!!!! Literally 5 babies being looked after by the midwives …. wtf!! I asked what they were doing “oh, the mothers have asked us to take them whilst they catch up on some sleep?!” Oh right cool, have they? Brilliant, don’t worry about me dragging my own bag of wee along the floor, I’m cool! πŸ™„ Jheeze! 

Anyway as you can imagine come 9 am when Jamie walked into the room I burst into tears, he was my hero just for coming back! πŸ˜‚

Anyway, ever since then it’s been a dream! I can’t complain, she’s amazing. A little grizzly some days, a little constipated the next BUT she is 100% the cutest baby that ever existed soooo I can’t help but feel lucky. 

I’m going to leave it there for now as it’s 1 am on the 1st January 2017 and she’s finally fallen asleep so now I need too! I’ll update you with the rest of my life in a few days. 

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year! 

peace x

Oh my, that hurt Edit.Β 

Welcoming this babe… Ada Everly Williams to the world. 
Born on the 28th November 2016 @ 11.40 weighing 6lbs 13oz. 

I never fully appreciated when people said “you will never forget the moment you see your baby” WELL, now I do. It’s a feeling quite like no other. Just disbelief she’s here, an overwhelming sense of relief, love like NO OTHER & for me “ok that’s great, but can you sew my tummy back together now please… thanks!” 

I’ll obvs update with more new mummy posts in the coming weeks but for now I plan to cuddle, stare, keep checking she’s breathing, check again, stare and try to recover slowly! 

peace x

Mat Leave Edit.

So the time has come and I’m finally on MAT leave. Let me tell you its the most surreal feeling ever, I feel a little in limbo & a little lazy. I think you’ve been so programmed to working or having things to do it’s just very, very strange. I literally counted down hours until this time at the end, but it’s odd. You’re on your own, you know your life is about to change and you have absolutely no idea how and yet all you can think is…. “shit I really need to clean the light bulbs in the spare room?!” πŸ˜‚
I have cleaned all the windows inside and out, bleached my bloody front door, gutted the kitchen, bathrooms and every possible drawer of clutter, skirtings, light fitting & made a Christmas cake…. it’s been 6 days! Oh I’ve also had a manicure and got my brows done! Wtf am I supposed to do for the next possible 4 weeks?!

Everyone I speak to (especially my Mum) keeps telling me to rest and enjoy the laziness well you still can. Nap and watch TV, but you can’t just do that everyday I’m constantly so anxious, like “oh was that a contraction” or “has she moved today?!” 

Not only that but my waistline will not allow for another 4 weeks of sitting and binging on Scandal – Ive never had an appetite quite like it. πŸ™Š I’m eating quicker and more than Jamie at the moment & that’s no easy task πŸ˜‚

I’ve recently taken back to yoga – just super easy moves and a tiny bit of meditation, apparently you can breathe yourself into labour. πŸ€” Don’t worry I’m not going to start wearing clothes made of wheat and only eat things that have fallen from trees! But, I will try anything to make the next few weeks as bareable as possible! 

Anyway weekly catch up; 

Symptoms – Insommnia 😴 Averaging 4 hours a night & 58 pillows. I think Jamie may end up sleeping on an air bed soon. 😬

Also, aches and pains everywhere. Like I’ve done a super hard workout but I haven’t – I think it’s just the sheer weight of me now me legs have just given up. 

Bambino – Now I think she’s dropped. Last midwife I was measuring smaller than my weeks because she said her head was in my pelvis. Her movements are still there just a lot bigger I guess because she’s a fully grown baby that should just come now so we can meet her & stop taking up valuable room for her Mum! πŸ˜…

New Purchases – Ummmmmm…. people who know me know I’m a little bit of a shopaholic! So for me, I’ve purchased some new “I need these over the knee, flat boots to jazz up my post preggo wardrobe” & a “this coat will see me through the winter jamie, it can be oversized in the new year purchase” 

For babe – no new Purchases. We do need to get a monitor, sleep pod thing and of that pre made bottle ideal temp thingy OH & a baby bath seat! 

Weight – Ok , truth time. I’ve piled it on. I was sitting at a good 2 stone 2lbs up. Now I’m like entering Kardash town… oh gawd. I have bulked up – total weight gain 2 stone 8lbs. 😰it’s alright tho, I have gym trousers and tops on my Xmas list! 

Things I’m missing – Sleep & the normal thought process of a human without thinking “that was defo a contraction- this is it…..” or “I hope I don’t die in childbirth” 

that’s it from me…. peace x

The Shower Edit.Β 

            πŸ’› The baby shower of dreams πŸ’›

Contrary to popular belief I actually don’t really enjoy being centre of attention…& I much prefer to be the planner and host! So because of that I was actually super nervous about going to my own baby shower πŸ™Š not because I didn’t think I’d like it but all those people there just because I’m preggo was a bit surreal! I also think because we’ve wanted it for such a long time I’m so worried if I enjoy it too much something terrible will happen & it will all go wrong. That’s why I invited the Huzz along towards the end to take the pressure off πŸ˜… Luckily he came with Dad because he was extremely overwhelmed by the amount of women in the room πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

However, saying that I BLOODY loved it. My mum and best friends organised it for me and literally couldn’t have made it more perfect! It was boho, chic and full of cake! Everything was legit so amazing! From the little pictures everywhere to the cute games and also the pooy nappy game πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚ Also my Mum with her magnum of prosecco was very well received πŸ‘πŸΌπŸΎ

It’s so lovely to have so many people in one place celebrating this little person that isn’t even here yet. Overwhelming didn’t cover it. We received so many gifts & I can safely say we liked all of them too! 

We decided not to open them at the shower, mainly because it was a bit crowded and TBH I was having so much fun talking to everyone I didn’t really want to pause from that. We opened them at home and let me tell you Jamie was in his bloody element he was poised with his spreadsheet open and up! πŸ˜‚

We actually had to split the presents over 2 evenings to take in everything we received. It was insane the amount we were given – Auntie Emma alone brought us literally a BUCKET of gifts! It’s unbelievable how much thought went in to the gifts we received too, every single thing was absolutely our taste & some we have absolutely no idea what it was…. aka… freezer rings?! I have googled – this is for teething! 😳Which is what I mean, who knew we needed this we didn’t. So thank you. 

So when it came to sorting the nursery yesterday evening that was just the most fun (stressful) time. The amount I faffed on where to put the baby vests VS the sleepsuits became a real debate. I think I lost Jamie when I suggested we rearranged the drawers for the 4th time. I’ll tell you what else is surreal when your house is full of baby clothes drying, everything is getting more real by the second!

I had planned to do all my baby washing  & hospital bag prep when I went on MAT leave however, I received some amazing advise at the shower which I will be 100% be taking. Take your MAT leave for you!  Don’t faff, don’t try and keep busy just sleep, chill and pamper yourself, because apparently I won’t get much of that time again. 😰 So that is exactly what I intend to do. Just the 6 more days to go πŸ˜¬πŸ’πŸΌ

It’s such an exciting time of our lives which is what I keep remembering when I’m awake at 3 am because I’m like Shamu the whale & cannot get comfy.

Anyway I’ve digressed a little. Just want to say again a huge massive thanks to my lovely wonderful friends and family for making me feel utterly spoilt & so loved! Also, if anyone needs any baby shower planners Mine we’re pretty good (one of them even comes with her own guillotine πŸ˜‚) 

Hurry up Williamo we’re ready to meet you now. 

peace x

The Body EditΒ 

I think the one thing people forget to tell you about being pregnant is how much your changing body surprises you. One day you’re walking around in your skinnies the next day you can only wear Lycra & joggers. πŸ™„

Now I absolutely appreciate that I’m growing a human and it’s amazing and it’s so clever (like legit still think it’s weird how there’s an actual person in there) BUT I wish I’d been more prepared about how I’d feel about my changing shape. Everyone I’ve spoken too about this seems to be the same, it’s just so HARD! I’ve always been someone who has watched my weight through massive binging to serious crash diets. So nothing could have prepared me for my MASSIVE boobs, the ongoing threat of an outie belly button & huge belly. (I can’t even sit up without like rolling back now πŸ‹) I’ve tried to keep up the exercise but it’s hard because you’re tired and feel grim, I’ve also tried to eat healthily throughout with the exception of an occasional *packet*biscuit. 

Having said all of this I have decided I have 5 weeks left and I am gonna enjoy the crap out of this experience! I have started to do a bit of “hurry this babe out yoga” and that’s made me feel great to actually stretch a bit. The scary thing is it’s going to come so quickly I’ll probably actually miss my bump & her rolling around sooo I’ve decided to be a bit kind to myself, chill out, take it easy and continue eating biscuits guilt free! (Because I’m gonna eat them anyway &&&& I’ve now taken to eating them dunked in Reeses spread #LTD) 

Onto babe though ; 

Symptoms – Not so many this week, I’ve been extremely tired and I’m getting new aches and crampy pains. But aside from that I’m all good! 

Weight – I’m still 2 stone 2 lbs! 

Bambino – She is moving LOADS she’s also totally in the pelvis and ready to come out now apparently! She also has hiccups about 15 times a day, which is cute! 

New Purchases – For me …. a stretchy midi dress just so I don’t feel like I’m constantly living in bloody leggings! For babe….. not so much! πŸ˜‚

What I’m missing – Let me set the scene…. Christmas tree, Home Alone, Mulled wine, BOURSIN & a massive tub of Camembert. 😬😬😬

Not a lot else from me this week… however I’ll have a special midweek Bumpdate from my amazing gorgeous baby shower.

peace x