The 3 month edit.

So I haven’t written anything for a few weeks, because if I’m honest in my free time I’m either asleep, washing or drinking wine! 😂

But I thought I’m due a post and somehow Ada is 3 months old already!
So I thought I would write a post about things I’d wish I’d known before she turned up;  

1. Big one! Losing weight is HARD! I genuinely thought I’d  diet for 2 weeks and drop the weight! WRONG… it’s a long tough slog. I don’t get it, I used to be able to survive on maybe 12 cuppa soups for the week and lose half a stone 😂 But ooooohhhhh no….I’ve still got 16lbs to go 😱 Oh! And for the mums who do drop weight really quick… stop bragging and eat a biscuit 😂

2. When people say sleep when she sleeps?! WRONG! Why? As I have to get shit done! Otherwise the house would look like a hovel, I’d be constantly living in pjs, i’d never drink a hot drink again & well I would never ever get to speak to Jamie.

3. Never say never; I genuinely never thought I’d let Ada sleep in my bed BUT when you are running off so little you will do ANYTHING for an extra hour. I mean anything? YouTube sound effects of hairdryers, washing machines and aeroplanes 😂

4. Mum Guilt: I didn’t realise how much this would affect me but it totes has. It’s a real thing & it isn’t fair. You will feel it whether you think you will or not. The second you leave your bundle with anyone else you’ll feel like you’ve abandoned your post. I cried because I felt like she’d know and think I didn’t love her. 😂 

5. You time. Hand in hand with the above. The importance of time alone is essential! Even if just for an evening in the bath with a book. Don’t lose yourself, it’s easy to do. BUT you’re totes still a person not just a feeding, cleaning, napping machine! 

6. Life adjustment. BIG one this. I had no idea how much life would change. All be it for the absolute better but be prepared you are no longer number one! It’s an overwhelming feeling.

7. Booze. Justifying that 3rd class of wine…Because a hangover and a baby is NOT COOL! 

8. Every baby is different. Don’t compare absolutely no point! End of discussion. 

9. Hand in hand with above. Every Mum is different. So what if one Mum is using organic formula and nappies & you’re using formula and aldi specials!

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  In a non patronising way literally nothing is as important anymore. Baby love takes up so much in your life and you’re too tired to bother with anything trivial. Let it go 🙏🏻 (aka. Arguing about who’s turn it is too wash up 😂)

11. You will be ridic emosh. Like a mental person. Your nail polish is chipped .. cry. You burn toast..cry. Watch This is Us holding your baby..cry for hours! It’s ridiculous you are a mental patient! Evens out tho.. thank the lord.

12. The nesting truly begins when you’re at home alone with bubs. Be prepared I’ve started getting all kinds of excited over Zoflora & steam mops. 😂 

13. The appreciation for your parents is at an all time high. I now feel so awful for every time I shouted at my Mum. The thought that Ada could ever do that literally breaks my heart. Soz Mum. 

14. It’s the hardest job in the world. Everyone says it and I never believed it but it’s true. 

15. You’ve totes got this! 💁🏼

peace xx


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