The real deal Edit. 

Wowzers… what a 5 weeks this has been. I’ve never known time to go quite so fast, I literally feel like we were in hospital like yesterday & already our little poppet rocket is 5 weeks old and 2lbs up (little chubster ❤️) 

Sleep has become a distant memory and the constant threat of a screaming sesh is the current reality. I don’t think anything at all could have prepared me (I don’t want to speak for Jamie) for what This felt like. It’s so hard to explain, from the minute you find out you’re pregnant you are living in fear… well…..When they arrive double that fear and then triple it…. Is that cry normal, why hasn’t she cried, she’s been asleep for ages, should we wake her up?! You get the drift! I now understand why my parents love me so much 😂🙊

I don’t want to go into too much gory detail but basically the birth was savage! Being induced is basically a form of torture because you go through hell and then have to have a C Section anyway… lols on you! 🙄 urghhhh…All I will say is being induced sounds like a dream but it’s hard and a very lengthy process. I was in labour all in all for 16 hours, 16 hours of gas and air, waters being broken, an epidural and pain like no other & then after all that we hear “her heartbeat is dipping and she’s in distress so we need to decide what to do” to which we both shouted “GET HER OUT!!!!!!” After a very quick turnaround we’re in the operating theatre I’m shaking uncontrollably, as in my whole body won’t stop, Jamie is in tears (in fact we both were) it’s TERRIFYING! But then after a few uncomfy tugs and the ripping of skin 😷 I heard it! THE BEST noise I had ever heard… baby Ada having a little cry. (That same cry now frightens me 😂) All 6lb 13 of her, she was a hairy little thing and covered in gross white stuff but I could tell she was a Babe straight away. 😂 

The next few hours were such a blur of cuddles, tears and unbelievable happiness. It’s truly amazing and since then not an actual minute has gone by where I haven’t felt so thankful for our little bundle. Well there was maybe 10 mins one Thursday where I wanted to leave her in the garage because she wouldn’t stop screaming but besides from that we’ve been all good.

Recovery from a Section however is nothing to joke about! It’s AWFUL you feel so rubbish, you have a catheter attached to you, you can’t stand up, you have to have a gross bed bath , you feel mingdog and don’t you dare try to cough or sneeze because you’ll basically feel like you’ve been stabbed and your insides are going to fall out! NO JOKE! Listen to this, the second night after she’s born Jamie had to go home. I couldn’t really stand and was walking doubled over HOWEVER! You are legit just left to fend for yourself with your baby. I have NEVER felt more scared and alone in my life. Ada and I were just in this hospital room on our own for the first time ever and I had no idea what to do. I fed her, she was sick it back up, I changed her, I cuddled her, I walked with her, I stayed up with her legit Allllll night & then when she finally settled (about 5 am) I went to get some water and what do I see!!!!! Literally 5 babies being looked after by the midwives …. wtf!! I asked what they were doing “oh, the mothers have asked us to take them whilst they catch up on some sleep?!” Oh right cool, have they? Brilliant, don’t worry about me dragging my own bag of wee along the floor, I’m cool! 🙄 Jheeze! 

Anyway as you can imagine come 9 am when Jamie walked into the room I burst into tears, he was my hero just for coming back! 😂

Anyway, ever since then it’s been a dream! I can’t complain, she’s amazing. A little grizzly some days, a little constipated the next BUT she is 100% the cutest baby that ever existed soooo I can’t help but feel lucky. 

I’m going to leave it there for now as it’s 1 am on the 1st January 2017 and she’s finally fallen asleep so now I need too! I’ll update you with the rest of my life in a few days. 

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year! 

peace x


2 thoughts on “The real deal Edit. 

  1. Hi don’t know how I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for another bump date, but it’s fab! You’re honest account is so refreshing! Pls keep ’em coming! How did you and hubby meet?

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