The Nest Edit. 

Hallelujah hallelujah!!!!!!

It’s arrived! The Moses basket of dreams has arrived and Its simply amazing! 

We’re so happy with it, not only does it feel super cosy, it’s also so easy to move about, it matches our house and IMO looks cool as f*ck! 

TBH we didn’t really do a huge amount of research into wear she will sleep, we just knew we didn’t want her attached to our bed in one of those co-sleep things. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, we just wanted something we could move about in the house and take to the Grandparents if we (OR just bubba) go to stay 🙊

However what we did notice when choosing Baskets is how bloody expensive they are, like genuinely her cot and basket has cost more than our bed and mattress and she isn’t even here yet! That’s why the extras of being able to take it places etc.. was super important to us. 

Just a tip for anyone wanting to order one, we had to wait 8 weeks! Wool Nest

On another Nest note…. Its started. The Nesting has started! Jamie thinks I’m going mental. I’ve reorganised kitchen cupboards, had the oven cleaned, cleaned the window ledges outside, at least thought about cleaning the actual windows & I mean I’ve even cleaned my car out! (I never do that!) although I have found 3 pairs of boots and 4 coats in the boot which I’d forgotten about! 🙌🏼

All I seem to want to do is organise EVERYTHING! It’s so surreal as I’m normally such a control freak and I have absolutely no control over when she will be here! I just want to make sure everything that I have control of is done! Aka- I’m 95% done on Christmas shopping this year! Although, saying this I’m hoping she’ll arrive at midnight on the 27th and be nice and prompt like her parents! (Pleaseeeeee 🙏🏼) 

Anyway onto the babe; 

Symptoms – Dizziness & seeing spots. I think that’s just because I still can’t sleeeeeeeeep 💤 I’ve also all of a sudden become quite emosh, again that may be because I’m so tired, I don’t cope with less than 10 hours at the best of times and I’m struggle city recently! At least when I’m having restless nights when she’s here it will be for a reason! Also. She’s really hurting me now when she moves….I guess it’s because she’s a heffalump now!

Weight – 2 stone 2lbs! Which in all fairness I’m totes coping with! I have started to do a few more squats and leg lifts this week though, just because I want to allow for the reeses peanut spread IM ADDICTED too! 

I also tried on my pre preggo jeans, I’m not sure why. I guess to make sure I hadn’t got like fat knees or something. But… phewsies they still fit 🙌🏼 (just not round my huge gut.. obvs) 

Bambino – As mentioned above she’s like a blummin’ gymnast in there! From like 3pm onwards she legit doesn’t stop and it HURTS! 

New Purchases – For the babe. No! For me. YES!!!! Pj’s & leggings, that’s about it! I don’t really want to buy anything now. We only have 5 weeks 6 days to go & considering I won’t be getting MAT pay I wanna conserve my cash for the Zara January sale! Oh no wait… I have brought some boots and a new dress for my baby shower next week! (That’s just needed though!!) 

Things I’m missing – I’m kinda getting used to the no booze, I’m even kinda living without the cheese (OMG should have mentioned – I don’t think she likes cheese and I’m devo’ed! Every time I eat it she like basically punches me!) what I’m actually missing is just being responsible for me. It’s kinda scary being the one person who has to look after her now she’s getting so big. I just want her here, safe and sound where Jamie can just cuddle her all the time. 

I think that’s about it from me… this week promises to be a good’un tho, I’ve got my Baby shower next weekend… eeeeeks! 

peace x


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