The Husband edit. 

Soooo this week we had our first visit from the Health Visitor – she came over and gave us “the red book” spoke to us about the after visits of labour and basically scared the crap out of us!! 😩 

So I thought maybe this week I’d pick Jamie’s brain and ask him for his POV on this growing a baby malarkey. No one really ever thinks about them, but it must be totally weird for the guy. You’re getting big and feeling kicks and he’s like “how are you eating so much?!??” 😰 so here’s a little Q&A for the papa to be; 

1. What has been the most exciting thing in the past 32 weeks

Hard to pin-point most exciting thing, probably between first finding out, the first scan or 20 week scan. However each one has been full of fear as well, when we found out it was ‘please be ok’, then same again before the first and 20 week scan. I’ll say 20 week scan as we announced her to the world and brought some cute little shoes 👌

2. What are you finding the hardest? 

I miss getting drunk with you but hardest thing is probably not worrying e.g. Every time you ring me, instant thought is panic and that’s something wrong. I think this will only get worse as we get closer to due date. Oh and keeping my own weight down, you and your bloody sausage rolls, chicky nugs and biscuits!!! 

3. What are you most scared of? 

A million and one things but the biggest one is being useless during the birth and after…I’m CLUELESS!!! So please bear with me, I’ll get there I’m sure. 

4. What are you most looking forward to? 

I’m just looking forward to our little baby girl arriving and I can’t wait for our visit little trip out, with us 3 and Ziggy.

5. What do you actually think of the bump

The Bump is incredible, been amazing watching you and the bump grow. The first kick was obviously amazing and so surreal. For some reason I still have to remind myself that there is actually a BABY in there! X 

6. Do you honestly think you’ve made me enough breakfasts in bed? 

Ha, cheeky! Probably not but the way you have marmite on toast is so peculiar and weird, it baffles me! I’ll make you a deal between now and the birth, you can have one breakfast in bed per week. 

7.Last one… Prediction time. Due date? 

Seeing as her mum loves the month of December so much I’m going for December 1st xxx

Thanks for the above Jimbob – don’t worry we’re both totally clueless BUT we’ve totally got this 🙌🏼

Now for the weekly baby shiz; 

Symptoms – Back ache, my shoulder blades BURN 24 hours a day! I was actually ill at the beginning of the week too – fatigue is kicking my ass! I’m legit ready for bed come 12 o clock!   Also – my skin is really bad, I’m breaking out like mad! 😩

Weight – I’m 2 stone up again exactly! I have been walking daily still to try and and keep it down a little. I’ve also been trying to do some leg & bum exercises as my thighs legit look like cottage cheese BUT…. if I’m honest I literally cannot be bothered 😂😂 I’d rather just eat a custard cream (we’ve moved on from chocolate digestives!) 

Bambino – So I’ve read from this point her movements are supposed to reduce a little because she’s such a chunk. Howevs, she’s moved more than ever this week, you can feel her actually tumbling around in there, it’s very strange. 

New Purchases – 🙊🙈 Whopps more for me! I brought 2 extra large massive jumpers from Primark. I brought a size L and it’s in the pic below. They are dreamy & I can totally wear them after!  I also purchased some comfy socks for the hospital and some maternity pads (which is nice 😳) on that note I read an article this morning on going to the loo after birth… that was a delightful Sunday morning read! 😩

For bubba: I think we’ve finally narrowed down her leaving hospital outfit. It’s from H&M and blummin’ lovely. (Pics below) 

What I’m missing – Sleeeeeeep! I’ve had to pull a few all nighters on the sofa this week, I genuinely cannot get comfy until 7 am on a work day then I’m perfectly comfy and could sleep for hours 🙄 I did contemplate waking Jamie up to go downstairs but felt a little mean!! 😏

I think that’s it for this week, next week we have our first birthing class at the hospital which I cannot wait for & hopefully our bloody Moses basket will arrive! 

peace x 


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