The it’s finally done edit. 

Hallelujah 🙌🏼 the nursery is complete and we love it, it’s hands down my favourite room in the house. Sometimes I just stand in it admiring our work! 😂

We are quite lucky in that we have a very similar taste in home decor. Howeves, I did try to get the amazingly girly Liberty range from Mamas and Papas at first … but I’m so pleased he talked me out of it now everything has come together. 

The furniture we brought is from Mamas and Papas I believe it’s the Sienna range. We got all 3 pieces for £599 so wasn’t too bad, and it turns into a cot bed too which is a plus! 

The bedding is actually from Mothercare (Myleen Klass range)  🤔 & I mean this to sound as though I’m surprised because I generally hate everything about the shop BUT as soon as we saw it we loved it (I mean “loved it” very loosely it helped that it was 50% off, so the love kinda stemmed from that…..) Howevs now it’s in situ, it couldn’t be more perfect. I think it actually only came to £115 for the bedding, bumper, pillow, 2 throws and wall stickers! (I wish primark did baby bedding though 🙄) 

The golden wall 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 we brought these stickers from eBay (7 quid) and I bloody love them! Be warned achieving the amazing wall of wonder came at a cost…. again nearly ended in someone or something being chucked across the room because apparently “you can’t just stick them anyway Carli, they have to be measured and spaced evenly 🙄😳) Now they are finished they are totes worth the obsentities we both were muttering under our breathes tho! 

Oh la la…. we got this print from a little shop in Cornwall when we were there for my birthday! It’s just totes cute and the only pink thing that has made it in the house. 

Saving the best till last…. The Chair of dreams. Ok so it’s not a real Eames BUT it’s a bloody lovely chair. This ones a little Amazon purchase – I think it was £40 & it’s so comfy and not to big in the room either. 

Oh we do have a light box too on top of the wardrobe but I can’t show you as it has babies name on it (even though I’ve told everyone what it is so NO ONE STEALS IT!) but Jamie wants to keep it a bit of a surprise to the 4 people I haven’t told yet 😬 
So we’re near enough done…. I think we’re just waiting on some amazing toy bags from eBay (they should come this week though) & our Mokee Moses basket, well woolnest. We ordered it ageeeees ago and it’s on an 8 week lead time so hopefully within the next 2 weeks babe will have somewhere to sleep! Oh! And we need a mobile for above the cot but I can’t find one I like yet…. I wanted one with feathers BUT I’ve been told that may not be stimulating enough for her soooo she’s ruining the theme of the nursery…. 

That’s the tour done…. baby updates below; 

Symptoms – Insommia and not the cool Peter Andre type… oh no that was Insatiable wasn’t it? I’m confused! Anyway…. I CAN’T sleep! So by like 11 am I am done for the day! On the plus the bleeding gums have gone and my back only aches for like 21 hours of the day rather than 24 so that’s cool! 👍🏼

Weight – Surprisingly I’m actually a 1lb lighter than last week. I’m not sure how?! On Monday evening when Jamie was away with work I NO JOKE ate 15 chocolate digestives in like 4 hours! Plus dinner … That’s quite some achievement! But In all fairness to me I have gone off actual food, like meals. I just can’t face them, I’d much rather a biscuit. Oh & on biscuits … there was a poll last week and just voted the UK’s Fave biscuit is the extremely chocolately round from M&S (just a little trivia for you there! 🙌🏼) 

New Purchases – As a reward for not buying anything last week, I decided this week I should do the opposite and buy everything! Starting with me – Purchased some lovely shirts for New Look Maternity (cheap too!), some shiny leggings and a dreamy khaki smock dress! 

Onto baby- Well she is well and truly stocked up for any occasion that may come her way. 💁🏼 Sleepsuits, dresses, comfys, ballgown (Lolz on the last one) but she’s pretty set! 

Bambino – Not a lot to report this week, she’s moving like crazy all the time & now properly kicks when she hears Jamie which is quite cool! Thankfully no more scares so we’re all good! 

What I’m missing – Just general comfort & the ability to hold a normal convo that isn’t consumed of baby shiz (it takes over!) Oh and🍷  well I say that but Jamie is hungover today and I do feel a little bit smug…

Thanks for reading. 

peace x 


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