The scary edit. 

So this week shit GOT REAL! We have been ever so lucky throughout this pregnancy whereby (touch wood) I haven’t been poorly, babe seems to be growing nicely and everything has been a OK. 

Well … this week she just wanted us to know that she is coming and she will CHANGE things up! 😂

Tuesday –  I was in a meeting and all of a sudden I got an almighty pain in my tummy, I ignored for a few hours, then when it didn’t go, rang my Mum (obvs! – I think I’m averaging 3 calls a day to her at the moment) Called the midwife and they asked me to go to the delivery suite, let me repeat that for you THE DELIVERY SUITE! 😳 I’m not due for 10 more weeks! When we got there I was so well looked after bloods taken, moinitored on a machine for god knows what… All the while Jamie is sat there with THE most frightened face of all time! Oh and he was also a little annoyed as he was going for a curry and was trying a byriani for the first time so understandably he was a bit put out! 😂 

Anyway, turns out! They don’t know what was wrong, combination of growing, overdoing it and baby moving a lot! But they seemed happy that my uterus was soft 🤔

It was by far the scariest 3 hours ever! We weren’t prepared at all, they first thought I may have been in early labour! It’s the first time throughout this entire pregnancy I’ve actually realised I’m having an actual baby!! This is happening… It’s not a drill!!! 

It’s clear to say this weekend we will be preparing our hospital bag, ordering the pram and buying baby grows! 

Oh and incase you’re wondering Jamie ended up with a chippy tea. So all was well. 

Anywho, weekly update: 

Symptoms – Still bleeding gums and back pain! Like inbetween shoulder blades. It’s killing me. 

Weight – 30 weeks and 2 stone up! Not even BOV’ed. Although, I have got my new gym trainers ready & waiting for my post baby work out plan! 

Bambino – Well as above she is moving a lot and I think she’s had a growth spurt, not only did we have the hospital drama and pain in my tummy. BUT, I’m big now. I can’t hide this bump anymore! 

New Purchases – OMG I haven’t brought anything new. Aside from nappies and baby wipes! Howevs, Sainsburys have legit the nicest baby girl clothes at the moment. They all have little squirrels on, so maybe I should go out and buy something immediately for the sake of the blog 😂

What I’m missing – MY BODY! I’m getting a little uncomfortable now, I can’t have a bath properly because I can’t pull myself back up & sleeping … Well unless it’s with 56 pillows and 12 fans directed at me, it not happening! && before you think “oh just you wait till you’re bigger, that’s when you’re uncomfortable you have no idea yet!” I mean why? Why would you say this. Shut up. I’m uncomfortable now, I’m allowed to say it && I didn’t ask you anyway! ….I mean not that I’m irritable 😂

That’s kinda it for this week, I think! 

Thanks for reading & I promise next week I will do a nursery pic. It’s almost finished! 🙊

peace x


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