The wedding guest edit.

I thought I would write a post about surviving a wedding as a sober pregnant lady! Just my tips and tricks to help you get through the day. 

Obviously a wedding is so much fun and you always feel honoured to be apart of it, however when you are 11 hours into a day , your husband and well EVERYONE else is hammered and you’re sat there looking at your swollen feet contemplating ANOTHER slice of cake and drinking your 55th glass of pineapple juice the enthusiasm slightly wears off! 
Anyway my tips for preggo survival. 
Be Prepared – Pack snacks, lots of them. Salty ones, sweet ones and maybe even a ribeena. As a guest you have no idea when the next meal is, can you eat it… Is it pate or soft cheese?! It’s a minefield so cover yourself ladies and take food! I mean we could get quite serious and say take a cool bag, you’ll be driving so you have somewhere to store your months worth of supplies. Also let me tell you, these snacks will also be handy for when the drunken other half falls into the car when you’re leaving too. 
Sensible attire – Now I take a wedding beauty regime seriously. Spray tan, hair done, new outfits and jewels (obvs) However, when you are pregs something about this build up loses a bit of its fun. Why??? Because you have the choice of about 4 dresses on ASOS because everyone assumes you want to dress like a dowdy Granny when you’re pregs so heaven forbid you would actually try and look nice. My advice, stock up on jewels, fun bags and shoes (albeit them being slightly lower than normal) still get your hair & make up done and just go to town on accessories. It made me feel so much better about having to wear a tent all day! 

Drunk people – This one can be tricky, the more people drink the more they want to touch your bump, give you parenting advise && depending how late you last things get DEEP! 

My top tips – 

1. If there is anyone else pregnant there. Cling on. Cling on for life. Luckily for me I have 4 other ladies all going through the same thing (& we’re all about 3 months apart too so it’s going to be megs fun!) 

2. Stay away from the bar. You think you can still be mega lols when you’re sober and don’t get me wrong you absolutely can. However, when everyone else is on their 11 th jΓ€ger your Limit for the Lols just disappeared. 

3. Sit near the buffet table. You have immediate access to food, you are social as people will come to you to chat because you are near the food & well FOOD! (Duh!) Also drunk people tend to avoid food mid sesh so you’re safe!! 

Dance –  Have a boogie. It’s solves all kinds of troubles. I mean you can’t slut drop anymore BUT you can do a mean side step and mimic the words dance “Winning!” It makes you feel better and it’s totes acceptable to take off your shoes for a few songs too. So literally everyone wins. 

Be unofficial photographer –  Not only will the bride and groom appreciate this when they return from their honeymoon BUT you have evidence of how wasted people are! πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š

HAVE FUN & remember it’s an honour to be part of someone’s wedding day. They actually want you there. Don’t be the grumpy pregnant one in the corner moaning about their feet & drunken Huzz. (Although I totes may have done this for maybe 5 minutes BUT! In hindsight I’m hormonal πŸ˜‚) You can save all that for the next day when you’re feeling smug because you’re hangover free & can remember everything. 

Thanks for reading. I’ll do a pregnancy update in a few days. We have A LOT to report. 

peace x


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