It’s still my Birthday Edit.

Ok ok so I think I’m the queen and have now been celebrating my birthday for an entire 11 days! 

Sad to say it, but enough is enough! I have to stop as I’ve been eating approximately enough for a small village for too long and the scales are NOT my friend anymore! 😩

We have just got back from a lovely trip away to Devon for a little BabyMoon with the little pig (Ziggy, the dog!) it was marvellous. Sunshine, chippy and cream teas… PERFEC! 

However, it’s been the first time I’ve really noticed how much pregnancy is taking its toll! I was soooo tired, fresh sea air and carbs are a lethal combo when you’re mit baba.

I think I’m still so in a state of denial about what’s happening to my bod that sometimes I actually forget that it’s completely OK to be tired after walking for 7 miles. 

I’ve been so hard on myself throughout these past 28 weeks… Watching everything thing I eat, still trying to do as much as I did, weighing myself to make sure I’m on track and finally I have succumbed to the fact that it’s just not possible. I do need help lifting things now, I do also have to sit down from 7pm onwards and sleeping with 28 pillows is just my life now! 

Anyway. Babe updates; 

Symptoms: SAVAGE bleeding gums. I mean SAVAGE. The other day I looked like I’d been in a fight, I hadn’t even brushed my teeth I was just watching “The Night Of” (you all have to watch this, it’s like Serial but for TV & if you haven’t listened to the podcast Serial DO IT NOW) and I’ve never experienced anything like that before was horrid. Aside from that and the tiredness I’m all good.

Weight: *coughs* I’m 22lbs up! ….next.

Bambino: She is a little wriggler, from about 8pm onwards she doesn’t stop! It’s odd now because it’s like a weird pressure when she turns, I can’t explain it & I really want Jamie to be able to feel what it’s like. I’ve tried to show it on him but I just end up pressing too hard & just hurting him 😬

New Purchases: Well we have now semi finished the nursery! So we’ve done a lot of buying there! We’ve just done a last order today so as soon as it’s all delivered I’ll do a blog post dedicated to the most expensive room in the house πŸ™Š Spoiler: It’s just the right mix of dreamy IG & Pinworthy light box heaven! 

Oh and for Me, we have a wedding on Saturday so ASOS saved the day again with the most goregous beaded smock dress. 😍

What I’m missing: SLEEP & being able to bend over. It’s becoming a bit of a pain now πŸ™„

Thanks for reading & I’ll update you in the week when our new purchases arrive! πŸ™Š

peace x


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