The Birthday Edit.

I am now in my 30’s.. WTF?! How am I married, a dog owner, pregs & 30!!! I’m officially a grown up 😳

Basically just wanted to have a little brag about how amazing my celebrations have been … JOKES! I was actually a bit bummed out about having such a monumental birthday when pregnant!  We had planned to celebrate in Ibiza before bump arrived so I thought it would be a bit crap now I’m front heavy!!!! 

BUT I’ve literally had the best few days and now I’m smug as you like hangover free on Bank Holiday Monday 🙌🏼

So just a little post if you’re struggling for ideas on what to do when you can’t get steamo! 

The Spa Break –  All hail the Spa. My Huzz deserves an award for this one! Not only did he book me a Mama to Be Spa package – he booked it at Cowley Manor! & no jokes it’s legit the coolest place I’ve ever been! 

If you’ve never had a massage when you’re pregnant DO IT IMMEDIATELY! The lay you in a big preg pillow so you’re so comfy & they literally just massage your worries away. I felt back to my old self (albeit briefly) after as nothing ached or pulled anymore. It’s a MUST! 


They even left you brownies by your bed before bedtime, now IMO that’s done it for me! I felt like I’d made it in life!! 😂 

The Dinner –  Jamie organised for all of my closest friends to have this amazing 3 course dinner in my very own private dining room at a local M Starred pub, The Red Lion in East Chinsenbury.

When you walked in it was Insta Gold! Champagne on ice, amazing wall tiles, the bathroom floor was dreamy, an old Victorian toilet & table name tags! 

The food was absolutely insane, the company was just perfect & my cake…. Well, judge for yourselves! 

Triple layered (said Mary Berry style), double chocolate & topped with macarons. SAY NO MORE! 

The Day Out- Harry Potter World!!!
I’ve never been before & it was just soooo magical! I absolutely loved it, I was a bit worried we’d look a little odd rocking up with no kids, but as soon as we saw the tour bus full of adults dressed in their Hogwart gowns we felt right at home! 

A few things to mention though… Butterbeer is literally the WORST thing you will ever drink. Don’t buy it!! Also, everything in the gift shop is ridic expensive (if you already have kids, I’d blindfold them when you walk through or you’re going to have to remortgage your house for the sake of a wand & souvenir tankard!)

But seriously it’s just been the most amazing few days with my fam & friends. The Huzz spoilt me rotten (except for a few items from H&M maternity, which did make me question if he even liked me… They were gross 😷😂) 

But who knew you can have fun when you’re not drunk!!! 🤘🏼

I’ll post another with some actual baby shiz in the week! Thanks for reading! 

peace x 


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