The Nursery Edit cont.Β 

Ummmm sooo hands up if you weren’t as productive as you planned this weekend πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ (my bad!) 

I honestly wanted to get the nursery finished this weekend, but that wasn’t life’s plan! πŸ˜‚ Life did however decide that I needed to order 3 new dresses and a swimming costume instead. It would seem that every single one of our lovely friends has decided either to get married, have a christening, engagement party or birthday (it’s mine, but whatevs) all when I’m pregnant and the size of a small bungalow! Soooo I needed to shop as I didn’t wanna duplicate the same tent (I mean dress) at any said events!

But not to be discouraged on the nursery we have decided on all of the above which will all be on order before the week is out!! So fingers crossed I can update you all with the finished room soon!

Now for the weekly preggo updates;

Symptoms: My gums legit bleed all the time, which is mega annoying as my grilled cheese sandwich tasted a bit like blood today (so that was gross) & I’m knackered all the time …still πŸ™„

Weight: …..moving on. 19lbs up! BUT I have been to the gym twice since Friday so it’s probably muscle… It’s absolutely defo NOT the brownie, bag of munchies, pizza and sausage roll I have consumed in the past 2 days! 

Bambino: She’s moving LOADS. We played a game yesterday where we played her different music to see which one she kicked the most too. Thankfully, Jamie’s weird shit didn’t win hands down, I couldn’t cope if she loved The National I’d have to move out. Scarily she didn’t react well to Jason Derulo either. 😳 

New Purchases: Nothing for bubs. But lots for me! 😊 ASOS πŸ™πŸΌ

What I’m missing: B O U R S I N!!!! 

That’s all from me, I’ll update you midweek as I’m having my first preggo spa as a birthday treat! 

peace x


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