The Nursery Edit 

I have been so excited to get started on the nursery & Ive tried to hold off for as long as possible BUT I’ve caved!! 

We ordered our furniture from Mamas and Papas the Rialto range (I think) and it all got delivered on Monday. 

The plan was between me and Jamie (huz) we would do one piece of furniture a night…. Well, after literally nearly killing each other midway through the wardrobe (& I mean nearly killing each other) I may have thrown the drawer , whilst mid trying to screw something in on the floor and screamed “I’m imaging this is your face” 😳😬 

As you can imagine we had to get help so my lovely Pops came over and built the other two pieces last night & I LOVE them. 

Weirdly Even though I’m getting fatter and I can feel her move so much now seeing the nursery up is so surreal, like “shit son, this just got real!!” 

Anyway I digress, this weekends plans are to make our empty white room look like a combination of all the above Nurseries of dreams! Pinterest is MY Friend (link to my boards above!) 

I’m hoping to find lots of bits and bobs in different shops because I’ve had no luck with finding any matching bedding sets at all?! So I will update you with pics come Sunday night when I hope that we have a beautiful and Pinworthy room of lovliness 😬 (that’s if Jamie and I don’t have to build anything else together) 

…Wish me luck 

peace x


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