The Cake Edit

OK so i’m currently 25 weeks in and i’ve finally got the hang of this blog thing. Well i say that i’ve already accidentally deleted 2 posts & had to write them again. So hopefully more regular posts will follow.

I just wanted to update you of my current addiction that is CAKE! I legit can’t get enough, not even fussed on flavour just as long as there is buttercream…then I’m in! I cannot stop myself. Cake & Stranger Things on Netflix, currently having a lovely time eating my second slice of coffee cake and 3 eps deep into Stranger today!

Symptoms: Im just very tired, everything is just that little bit harder. Aside from that i’ve still been quite lucky! Oh I lie… I have had the buttons (wind) i haven’t meant to but apparently the huzz says i’m doing it a lot in my sleep! Which is totes CRINGEY!

Weight: I’m currently sitting at a heafty 17lbs up! I have read that from week 25 you tend to put on a 1lb a week too…which will mean i’ll weigh like 30 lbs more than i did at the start! I swear mine is all BOOB and arm though?! I have been trying to exercise daily, taking the dog out and doing some squats but what with the aforementioned Cake addiction its not really balancing out!

Bambino: She’s now having an absolute PARTAY in there. I can really feel her turning now, which is lush! BUT also really odd and makes me feel a little sick!
She also now moves everytime the huzz talks to the bump which i think is really clever! (I imagine shes super smart already!)

New Purchases: We have just brought the nursery furniture which gets delivered this week, so I will post a pic when its all sorted! Thats if we ever find any bedding we can agree on! The closest we have come is to a set from John Lewis but even then we’re not too sure.
I have also brought a few little sleepsuits for her & i think we will order the moses basket this week (we’re thinking of the Woolnest, so if anyone else has this i’d appreciate your thoughts)
I also did a bit of a Topshop Mat haul, which was tres exciting. Mainly because I can stop wearing leggings & the Huzz’s jumpers! ASOS is getting it this week!

What I’m missing: Things i have been missing of late are…WINE, being able to paint my toenails (the huzz’s job now) & the inability to stay awake past 9!

Thanks for reading…hopefully now I have the hang of this i will post a little more regularly!

Oh one more thing only 48 more working days till MAT leave (not that i’m counting!)


peace x







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