Hi guys!

The 1st blog post is up…eeeks! As you can see in my bio I have started this blog as a bit of a release to be honest.
I am extremely excited and overjoyed to be pregnant….BUT i also wanted to voice how bloody hard it is.

I have googled a few pregnancy bloggers & the majority talk about health foods, practising yoga & connecting with their bumps. Me on the otherhand…I’m addicted to Carbs (especially pancakes) I have pregnancy rage and extreme jealously over anyone who can eat soft cheese, drink & sleep on their backs!!

I’m petrified you read so many scary forums when your pregnant..’is this normal?’ the answer is normally NO and that something will be seriously wrong and your head is going to fall off!!
I genuinely thought the getting pregnant part was the hard bit (but that’s for another post) but jheeze I was not prepared for how every single thing that happens makes you worried sick!!! It’s a constant cycle of googling, being relieved, then googling, being scared and then ringing my Mum..ha!

I literally CANNOT WAIT to this little bundle is here! I am currently 18.5 weeks and I’m so desperate to know whether it’s a boy or a girl so i can start SHOPPING!!!
I’m hoping as soon as i find out what I’m having, a bond will be made. At the moment i just feel bloaty , tired and that a strange being is taking all my goodness.

I’m currently 10lbs up & 2 bra sizes bigger BUT on a plus my hair is getting shiny & I’m enjoying the floaty tops!!
I have just started exercising again because my energy is slowly but surely coming back…however, every time i bend over i feel dizzy and get a nose bleed!! (insert rolling eyes emoji)

Thanks for reading guys – I will post again soon with another ‘bumpdate’

peace x


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