The Weaning EditΒ 

Happy Sunday! 

..let’s talk about weaning. So I don’t know if it’s just me but when it came to Ada starting to eat I literally had no idea at all what I was doing. I felt like you had loads of info and help from Health visitors and midwifes about Formulas and Breast feeding at the beginning, but then….

 *insert tumbleweed* 

Literally nothing. 
So the next logical step was to google. Did that and found Annabel Karmel * ahhhh all hail queen Karmel πŸ™ŒπŸ» * aka the Queen of Wean! 

So read her book, well that was confusing in itself, you’ve got babyled weaning,  spoon fed weaning, spoonfed and babyled combo weaning. WTF?!                                                
Then I went to the HV to get Ada weighed and she told me to just feed her what I ate?! WHAT! She can’t eat Belvitas & Diet Coke, so that confused me more. 
OMG but wait before any food even enters their mouth you have to buy the bloody Highchair. The hours I spent reviewing these was a joke! We wanted the Stokke Tripp Trapp but you literallly need a second mortgage to buy one of these with all the accessories, sooooo went with the Β£15 IKEA one & let me just say what a bloody amaze buy that was! It’s perfect, wipe clean, she’s super comfy and it fits perfectly under the dining table πŸ™ŒπŸ» anyway back to the food…

Luckily, I have a lot of friends who have already done the weaning bit, so I basically just did what they did πŸ˜‚ 
I’m technically speaking ‘spoon fed weaning’ why? Because I don’t like mess πŸ˜‚ also Ziggy (the dog) was getting the majority of the food! 
I thought pre Ada I was going to be like the film Baby Boom and start making homegrown, organic purΓ©e that I put into pots I’ve kilned & glazed myself all the while I’m burning sage & wearing a hemp sack! BUT I went for Ella’s pouches! Couldn’t be bov’ed to be honest. I tried to make her something once and she literally heaved so I won’t subject her to it again πŸ˜‚

But I digress my point is, I felt very alone and bloody terrified when Ada started eating. It’s like a minefield, I mean the help is there if you need it but I felt a bit silly. Like, ummmm Soz I totally don’t get it? What’s she supposed to eat πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ help me! Also, I swear Jamie (the huz) actually thought I had actually attended a secret parent course about how to do all this shit because he totes just assumed I had it on lockdown! 
Luckily Ada literally eats everything (except peas, she’s not a fan of them) oh & we’re bringing her up Pescatarian (πŸ™„ of course we are πŸ˜‚) so that’s brought up new challenges as we have to make sure she’s getting what she needs nutrient wise. 😳 I mean it’s tough #mumlife is tough! 
Then there’s all the treats… let’s talk Rusks. You’ve got a handful of people that are like “yeap no bigs, i mean they have loads of sugar but we had them and we’re a ok” then you have the other camp “Rusks are POISON, do not feed your child poison, they’ll choke, catch a rusk disease and their arm will fall off” 

I went with let’s give her a little rusk to see if she likes them, obvs she does because they’re delicious! πŸ˜‚

Looking back when I first started the weaning process I was terrified & somehow don’t ask me how but you just know what to do next. Ask friends, google and follow a book if it helps! I just somehow stopped stressing so much and now BIG BRUCE will eat anything. It totes doesn’t matter if you buy your food ready made or purΓ©e your own. Makes zero difference really, come 4 years they’ll all be stuffing party rings into their faces at parties & eating stuff off the floor anyway πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Thanks for reading

Next week – The Mum Gunt Edit 😳

peace xx 

Oh! The here she is Edit. ο»Ώ

Oh hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I’m back! 

Soz about the 7 month break I was busy muming, drinking coffee &  doing a gazillion Joe Wicks’ hiits to try and get rid of the mum gunt (I’ll save that for another post 😳) 

Slowly but surely getting into the swing of this Mum thing and then BAM something else happens and you’re like πŸ€” did I miss “a how to Mum course?!” because I am not equipt to deal with this…..

Let me catch you up real real quick. Ada Evs is nearly 9 months old … can you even believe that?! She now does not sit still, AT ALL! She’s on the move for a full 13 hours a day 😳 Wants to grab everything and move everywhere she’s army crawling, eating everything ( I mean everything…. she’s currently gnawin’ on the coffee table) she’s got a toothypeg and her favourite word & person is MAMA! (no bigs πŸ’πŸΌ)

Let me catch you up on me real quick. Well hastag mumlife is 100% the funnest & hardest job in the world. Not gonna lie some days I’ve absolutely got it nailed (like painting my nails whilst she’s asleep on me nailed… omg did I just pun?!) Then others I need my Mum and want to hide in the garage. πŸ˜…πŸ˜° *Disclaimer* this totes happened i drank a glass of rose hiding in the garage, you know for a little break πŸ˜‚

Best thing about Mummyhood – pretty much everything! Not being too clichΓ© BUT Ada laughing is legit the most amazing sound ever! 
Worst thing about Mummyhood – This teething lark. Not a fan! It makes for a tough long day! 

Anywho I’m going to get back to this blog every week, I’ll catch you up on the weekly dramas of me and the milestones of Ada. 

Thanks for reading.

peace xx

The 3 month edit.

So I haven’t written anything for a few weeks, because if I’m honest in my free time I’m either asleep, washing or drinking wine! πŸ˜‚

But I thought I’m due a post and somehow Ada is 3 months old already!
So I thought I would write a post about things I’d wish I’d known before she turned up;  

1. Big one! Losing weight is HARD! I genuinely thought I’d  diet for 2 weeks and drop the weight! WRONG… it’s a long tough slog. I don’t get it, I used to be able to survive on maybe 12 cuppa soups for the week and lose half a stone πŸ˜‚ But ooooohhhhh no….I’ve still got 16lbs to go 😱 Oh! And for the mums who do drop weight really quick… stop bragging and eat a biscuit πŸ˜‚

2. When people say sleep when she sleeps?! WRONG! Why? As I have to get shit done! Otherwise the house would look like a hovel, I’d be constantly living in pjs, i’d never drink a hot drink again & well I would never ever get to speak to Jamie.

3. Never say never; I genuinely never thought I’d let Ada sleep in my bed BUT when you are running off so little you will do ANYTHING for an extra hour. I mean anything? YouTube sound effects of hairdryers, washing machines and aeroplanes πŸ˜‚

4. Mum Guilt: I didn’t realise how much this would affect me but it totes has. It’s a real thing & it isn’t fair. You will feel it whether you think you will or not. The second you leave your bundle with anyone else you’ll feel like you’ve abandoned your post. I cried because I felt like she’d know and think I didn’t love her. πŸ˜‚ 

5. You time. Hand in hand with the above. The importance of time alone is essential! Even if just for an evening in the bath with a book. Don’t lose yourself, it’s easy to do. BUT you’re totes still a person not just a feeding, cleaning, napping machine! 

6. Life adjustment. BIG one this. I had no idea how much life would change. All be it for the absolute better but be prepared you are no longer number one! It’s an overwhelming feeling.

7. Booze. Justifying that 3rd class of wine…Because a hangover and a baby is NOT COOL! 

8. Every baby is different. Don’t compare absolutely no point! End of discussion. 

9. Hand in hand with above. Every Mum is different. So what if one Mum is using organic formula and nappies & you’re using formula and aldi specials!

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  In a non patronising way literally nothing is as important anymore. Baby love takes up so much in your life and you’re too tired to bother with anything trivial. Let it go πŸ™πŸ» (aka. Arguing about who’s turn it is too wash up πŸ˜‚)

11. You will be ridic emosh. Like a mental person. Your nail polish is chipped .. cry. You burn toast..cry. Watch This is Us holding your baby..cry for hours! It’s ridiculous you are a mental patient! Evens out tho.. thank the lord.

12. The nesting truly begins when you’re at home alone with bubs. Be prepared I’ve started getting all kinds of excited over Zoflora & steam mops. πŸ˜‚ 

13. The appreciation for your parents is at an all time high. I now feel so awful for every time I shouted at my Mum. The thought that Ada could ever do that literally breaks my heart. Soz Mum. 

14. It’s the hardest job in the world. Everyone says it and I never believed it but it’s true. 

15. You’ve totes got this! πŸ’πŸΌ

peace xx

The ill edit.Β 

Ok let me catch you up… Ada and I have the lurgi. It all started last week when I started feeling a bit off so naturally I stocked up on Lemsip capsules, lemsip drinks, berocca, iron supplements, eating my weight in kale and litres of orange juice (with bits!! for extra goodness naturally) BUT it crept up and bam πŸ’₯ worse cold ever!!!! Made all the worse because I’m getting like 3 hours sleep a night …. which brings me onto Ada. 

Our lovely poppet is full of it, blocked up, coughy and congested. Even her little eyes look sore. 😞 Not only this but she also had to have her first set of jabs & her little health check too… it’s probably been the hardest few days yet (ever 😰) But huge shout out to the nurse who did them, she was ridic speedy! Health check went well, I obviously had a list of stuff for the dr to check. The only thing we have to go back for is Adas little heart, she didn’t know if there was maybe a little murmur there so going back in 2 weeks for her to double check – just for absolute 100% clarity that’s she’s fine! 

One thing I have realised since she’s been poorly is the importance of our little daily routine && now we’ve had a tough week it’s quickly becoming undone, she isn’t sleeping very well & is super clingy. She will only be settled by me or my mum too which is odd because she’s normally such a Daddy’s girl for the evening cuds. My Mum only popped in from work to drop off some snuffle babe and I kept her prisoner for 2 hours & made her feed Ada. 

I ended up taking Ada to the drs on Monday as I just wanted reassurance that she hadn’t developed bronchitis or collapsed lung or anything ( I have to stop googling) … she hasn’t! Btw the dr was amazing, really set me at ease and told me things to look out for and made me not feel stupid for counting how many times she’d sneezed that morning (25! 25 times!) Told me to cuddle, let her sleep propped up a little and make sure she’s getting enough milk, and advised me of the right way to use calpol! (I’d been giving it too her for fun πŸ™ˆ) 

All all the while this is going on… Ziggy (our dog) went into be castrated today. But he couldn’t have it done because he needed to have his soft pallet done instead. So he’s walking round all wobbly, disorientated & is crying. ☹️ Not only that but he Pooped on my new La Redoute rug! 😑 Oh which Ada also puked on this arvo too… brilliant. 

And now Jamie is getting the cold….. which as you can imagine is worse than ALLLL of the above and we’ll probs end up in A&E tonight because he can’t breathe out of his left nostril”Carli, I’m getting soooo ill you don’t understand πŸ™„πŸ™„” 

Anyway wish me luck, I think tonight might be a long one. 😩 


peace x

7 week itch Edit!Β 

Well this week has been a dream. My little poppet is really starting to show her character & we’ve started having a bit more play time (which is soooo lush, however hoovering has proved a little harder) I love that she smiles at us now &  I swear she’s super smart because this morning we were playing “where’s your nose” and she totally touched it! CLEVERCLOGS! 

It was the first proper full week on my own too & I only had one mini melt down In which I  called Jamie a lazy pr*ck because he wouldn’t walk and bounce her when she was a bit grizzly πŸ˜‚ so all in all I think that was a success! Oh & I lost a front door key so I cried! 

To celebrate the full week we had a DATE NIGHT and it was ace! 4.5 hours of non baby time. Drinks followed by the pictures. LaLa land & it was ace! Just enough talking time with Jamie and then 2 hours of non interrupted SILENT film time &&&& then Jamie did the midnight feed! Basically the best night ever. Although, I totally felt like a Mum last night on our way home (at 11.20 pm) we saw loads of younguns going out with next to nothing on! && then I thought will I ever ever not feel tired that I will want to go out in the middle of the night again! 

Anyway weekly updates; 

Ada – 

She’s the dream. She eats like a sumo and burps like a drunk! So can’t complain there. 

She’s been a bit fussy with sleep, I tried the dream feed thing this week and basically it’s completely messed her up. It didn’t work, she drank an entire extra bottle & woke up on the hour every hour 😳 so we’re going back to basics and just going to let her decide when she’s ready to sleep through the night! (Hopefully she decides that’s tonight)


I do feel a little isolated sometimes. It’s quite hard, you almost feel like you’re stuck on REPEAT! Eat, sleep, feed your baby, change the nappy, walk, Hoover, repeat! Then when Jamie gets home I talk like 50 thousand words a second! The hardest bit is Ada is super grizzly in the eve from like 6-9 so I basically talk to Jamie for 20 mins a day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ However, Ada and I are signing up to Yoga, sensory and massage this week so that’s gonna be ace & it’ll be good to get round some more Mummy’s! 

Although, the main thing to report is weight loss. I’m trying my hardest to lose weight, I’ve lost 2 stone 7 lbs so far & I have 15 more to lose 😰 I put on soooo much! It’s so much less fun to lose it πŸ™„

Exercise starts again tomorrow though, I’m nervous! BUT I’m soooooo looking forward to an entire hour of me time! I think I’ll feel like me again too! Urghhhh I hate baby weight (aka. Excess biscuit weight!) btw I’ve just eaten some white chocolate buttons whilst typing this and 4 bourbons. 😫😫😫😫 Maybe I’m doomed to be this size forever! 

Thanks for reading. 

peace x

I’m Flying solo Edit.Β 

First week of solo parenting DONE! 
It hasn’t been half as bad as I thought, I genuinely had visions I’d be covered in puke, the dog would be weeing everywhere, Ada would be screaming non stop & I’d be crying locked in the bathroom (that was a flashback to week 2 😰)  But thankfully it’s been the opposite of that! The main thing I’m struggling with is lack of sleep! Not even lack of it, broken sleep! It’s a killer!! Stupidly I’ve offered to do bedtime and middle of night feeds whilst Jamie is at work. It’s sooooo tiring! However, this weekend I got to sleep straight through… hell yeaaaaaaaaaa  πŸ™ŒπŸ» 

Anyway onto the weekly updates; 

Ada – Absolute babe. She’s had a few tummy probs aka Not pooping! However, that seems to have solved itself now thank goodness. Now if you catch a nappy mid poop it genuinely squirts out like one of those sausage making machine things… it’s gross. For such a beauty she is genuinely so full of crap!! 

Food time was also proving a bit upsetting for both of us, she’s bottle (tried the boob, not for me) and basically she was eating so quick, getting horrendous wind and then screaming. We’ve swapped the teets over and they are slow flow but seem to be a lot better for her. Also, infacol. All hail Infacol! 

Me – I’m a FAT beast with a horrid section scar and this gross pouch of skin flapping above it! It’s disgusting. Oh and also I’m soooooo spotty, Jamie has just been talking to my cheek spot all week! Which is nice πŸ™„ 

I’ve tried to eat well this week. But when you’re flying solo it’s incredibly easy to skip lunch and just eat leftover Quality Street. I have now cleared the house of Christmas goodies (chucked in the outside bin, so even if times get hard I can’t get them out because it’s too deep and I can’t reach them) I’ve also tried to exercise, gentle yoga and walking everywhere! So weekly weigh in tomorrow will be interesting. I get the all clear tomorrow too so I can drive and get back to the gym! Hell yea!!!!! I’ll keep you posted with progress. I’m hoping to post one of those amaze Insta pics of my before and after come April when I look like a Victoria Secret model (Although, I’m about to eat a chocolate melt pot) soooo….may just be one of those other Insta before & after pics when people are like “it’s exactly the same, she’s just tanned!” 

Thanks for reading. 

peace xx

The real deal Edit.Β 

Wowzers… what a 5 weeks this has been. I’ve never known time to go quite so fast, I literally feel like we were in hospital like yesterday & already our little poppet rocket is 5 weeks old and 2lbs up (little chubster ❀️) 

Sleep has become a distant memory and the constant threat of a screaming sesh is the current reality. I don’t think anything at all could have prepared me (I don’t want to speak for Jamie) for what This felt like. It’s so hard to explain, from the minute you find out you’re pregnant you are living in fear… well…..When they arrive double that fear and then triple it…. Is that cry normal, why hasn’t she cried, she’s been asleep for ages, should we wake her up?! You get the drift! I now understand why my parents love me so much πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š

I don’t want to go into too much gory detail but basically the birth was savage! Being induced is basically a form of torture because you go through hell and then have to have a C Section anyway… lols on you! πŸ™„ urghhhh…All I will say is being induced sounds like a dream but it’s hard and a very lengthy process. I was in labour all in all for 16 hours, 16 hours of gas and air, waters being broken, an epidural and pain like no other & then after all that we hear “her heartbeat is dipping and she’s in distress so we need to decide what to do” to which we both shouted “GET HER OUT!!!!!!” After a very quick turnaround we’re in the operating theatre I’m shaking uncontrollably, as in my whole body won’t stop, Jamie is in tears (in fact we both were) it’s TERRIFYING! But then after a few uncomfy tugs and the ripping of skin 😷 I heard it! THE BEST noise I had ever heard… baby Ada having a little cry. (That same cry now frightens me πŸ˜‚) All 6lb 13 of her, she was a hairy little thing and covered in gross white stuff but I could tell she was a Babe straight away. πŸ˜‚ 

The next few hours were such a blur of cuddles, tears and unbelievable happiness. It’s truly amazing and since then not an actual minute has gone by where I haven’t felt so thankful for our little bundle. Well there was maybe 10 mins one Thursday where I wanted to leave her in the garage because she wouldn’t stop screaming but besides from that we’ve been all good.

Recovery from a Section however is nothing to joke about! It’s AWFUL you feel so rubbish, you have a catheter attached to you, you can’t stand up, you have to have a gross bed bath , you feel mingdog and don’t you dare try to cough or sneeze because you’ll basically feel like you’ve been stabbed and your insides are going to fall out! NO JOKE! Listen to this, the second night after she’s born Jamie had to go home. I couldn’t really stand and was walking doubled over HOWEVER! You are legit just left to fend for yourself with your baby. I have NEVER felt more scared and alone in my life. Ada and I were just in this hospital room on our own for the first time ever and I had no idea what to do. I fed her, she was sick it back up, I changed her, I cuddled her, I walked with her, I stayed up with her legit Allllll night & then when she finally settled (about 5 am) I went to get some water and what do I see!!!!! Literally 5 babies being looked after by the midwives …. wtf!! I asked what they were doing “oh, the mothers have asked us to take them whilst they catch up on some sleep?!” Oh right cool, have they? Brilliant, don’t worry about me dragging my own bag of wee along the floor, I’m cool! πŸ™„ Jheeze! 

Anyway as you can imagine come 9 am when Jamie walked into the room I burst into tears, he was my hero just for coming back! πŸ˜‚

Anyway, ever since then it’s been a dream! I can’t complain, she’s amazing. A little grizzly some days, a little constipated the next BUT she is 100% the cutest baby that ever existed soooo I can’t help but feel lucky. 

I’m going to leave it there for now as it’s 1 am on the 1st January 2017 and she’s finally fallen asleep so now I need too! I’ll update you with the rest of my life in a few days. 

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year! 

peace x